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Q. What beach do you suggest?

A. You can see:

In the nature

Seaside Marina Beach

  • Villa Romana in Avola Marina, from 15 June to 15 September open every day. Every day at lunchtime, seaside in the grass. This is a Marina Beach equipped with a take away.
  • Lido di Noto: Lido azzurro equipped beach and restaurant

Q. Where can we eat fish?

A. You can try:

Fish food in Marina di Avola

Q. What restaurant or pizzeria would you suggest to us?

A. We suggest you to try the following:

Restaurant and Pizzeria in Avola

Suggest only for pizzeria

Other - typical food and wine

Q. What pastry and ice cream shop would you suggest to us?

A. You can try:

In Avola

Q. What can I do in Noto?

A. I suggest you start to visit Noto, 2 hours before sunset. At this time of the day, walking through the center you can see the stones in their maximum shining. You can stop at

Q. What can I do in the southeast area of Sicily?

A. You can visit some small city and taste the food:

Q. Where can I test and buy some wine?

A. I have a small production of wine “Nero d’Avola” and extra virgin olive oil bio for personal use, however interested and estimators guests like you can test and buy. We make our soap only with extra virgin oil, this mean glycerine is not taken away like in industrial soap. This kind of soap can be used for personal hygiene with excellent results.

Q. Where I can found daily markets and fruit shopping

A. You can visit some small city and taste the food: For fresh fruit and vegetables the better choice is to buy it in one of the many kiosks. Follow the link to one fruit stand:

Q. Can you suggest a supermarket or a mall?

A. Sure, in Avola you will found the best offer

Q. Are there any festivals to suggest to us in the area?

A. There are many festivals in the area, I will add more here...

  • "Ottobrata" in Zafferana. I and my family we are usually to visit, every year in October. There you can find mushrooms, many kinds of honey, apples and chestnuts from Etna. Slow food. Every Sunday in October

Q. Where can I rent a car?

A. There are many renters around. I suggest to rent a car in the airport, but you can also try in Avola

Q. Are there tourist trains?
A. Yes, there is a train called "Barocco line" which connects Syracuse with Donnalucata, with intermediate stops in Fontane Bianche, Avola, Noto, Ispica, Modica, Ragusa. Here is the link to a detailed article on the Barocco train