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​In our garden grow sugarcane. Sugarcane was intensively cultivated for century in Sicily.
Sugarcane was introduced from Arabic domination starting from 900. In the area of Avola sugarcane was cultivated until the 1900, where was also a rum production.
The experience: what we will do.

  • Using the right tools, we will harvest, clean and prepare some sugarcane;
  • We will prepare the machine for squeezy the sugarcane;
  • We will squeezy the sugarcane. The squeezing yield is 50% in weight;
  • We will enjoy drinking a healthy fresh-squeezed cane juice.

Children and adults love it.
Often adults ask me for mojito! And why not? We will prepare together "guarapo mojito", probably one of the most delicious mojitos you will ever taste. Free of processed sugar too but only cane juice! . Taking the mojito back to it's true Cuban roots!

​Also you will have some juice for your recipes.

To buy rum produced by a local company follow the link