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Before starting, cleaners wash their hands and wear disposable waterproof gloves.
  • The workers avoid touching their faces during the cleaning operations.
  • The gloves are thrown away at the end of the work.
  • The workers wash their hands as soon as they remove the gloves.
  • The staff carefully ventilate the property during and at the end of the cleaning operations.
Frequently touched surfaces: frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected after each stay. Examples of frequently touched surfaces: tables, chairs, handrails, light switches, remote controls, door handles, wardrobes and cupboards, desks, sanitary ware, sinks, bedside tables and kitchen and bathroom countertops. The cleaners proceed in two stages: first clean the surfaces with visible dirt with a detergent or soap and hot water and then apply a disinfectant to eliminate germs.

Surfaces touched less frequently: floors, walls, shutters and shutters and other surfaces that can be cleaned with hot water and detergents. Cleaners wash and rub from one side of the surface to the other.

Towels, sheets and other fabrics: they are washed by a certified specialist company (see Certification of the biocontamination control system)