News: Book now, pay later with Klarna, at checkout choose Klarna. Digital nomads welcomed! Book direct from owner! Best price, no commission, rewards in TRIPS token, fast answers. Google review. I am Gioacchino Trapani, the owner of properties listed here link. You can also pay with cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, ETH, TRIPS.
Phone: call +393387138087

Logo Trips is the first booking from owner platform adopting reward in TRIPS token. The guest receive TRIPS reward and the host accept TRIPS token for booking.
TRIPS community is a growing community of hosts and guests from Italy and around the world since 2017. Trips Community is building a new and fairer way to book homes online. This drastically reduces fees, seeks no profit and puts people at the center. We believe in giving early participants a stake in the network and in the incentive based economy made possible today by the blockchain.

What is TRIPS token?:

  1. TRIPS community
  2. TRIPS Token
  3. How to setup a wallet for TRIPS

What I can do with TRIPS token?

  1. You can pay in full or partially your next travel booking in my website
  2. You can pay with TRIPS in others website available
  3. You can hold TRIPS in your wallet and wait for value increasing
  4. You can sell or trade it
  5. You can transfer to different addresses or people

How many TRIPS will I receive after my booking and how will I get them?

  1. You will receive 10 TRIPS for every 100 euros spent on the reservation made.
  2. Follow the instructions on how to set up a wallet for the TRIPS token and then send me your wallet address

How many TRIPS will I receive after my booking and how will I get them?

  1. Claim your TRIPS after paying the balance of the booking
  2. I will send you the TRIPS reward within 48 hours of receiving your wallet address

Can I use Ethereum mainnet to receive or pay with TRIPS or xDai net?

  1. Ethereum mainnet has high transaction costs.
  2. Payments and rewards in TRIPS will be in xDai net where transaction costs are very low